Admissions Policy: Faculty of Economics

Based on the spirit of Christian humanism, the Faculty of Economics seeks to foster human resources who can contribute to global society by fostering the ability to appropriately address the various issues challenging modern society led by judgment based on consideration of various perspectives of economics and management. We seek students with the following qualities:

  1. Students who are interested in the various issues challenging globalizing societies and are strongly motivated to take the initiative in solving such issues
  2. tudents who are highly skilled in foreign languages, and in light of the characteristics of the disciplines of Economics and Management, excel in logical thinking (mathematics) in the Department of Economics and in their knowledge of the social sciences, such as history
  3. Motivated students with the will and potential to contribute to society in various dimensions, in both profitable and non-profit contexts, based on their knowledge of Economics and Management.

Department of Economics

The basic educational aim of the Department of Economics is to nourish the ability to think logically to find solutions for real issues of modern society. “Mathematical thinking” is essential in economic logic due to its academic characteristic of making full use of models constructed from an economic perspective. Hence, we welcome highly motivated students with excellent academic performance which will be tested in the compulsory entrance exam subjects of Japanese and Foreign Language (English, etc.), which serve as a foundation for logical thinking, as well as in Mathematics.

  1. We seek students highly interested in the various issues of modern society and strongly motivated to contribute to society.
  2. We seek students equipped with language skills (skills to organize one’s ideas and express them in words and skills to understand the ideas of others), which serve as a basis for logical thinking, as well as mathematical thinking skills.
  3. We expect students to act on one’s own initiative, understand others through dialogue and become capable of collaborating with others.

Department of Management

The Department of Management aims to foster human resources who can systematically study highly professional expertise regarding corporate business management activities and can simultaneously understand business management in the context of global society and contribute to society by making management decisions.

  1. We seek students interested in the various issues challenging real society and motivated to play an active part in dealing with them.
  2. We seek students with the Japanese and foreign language skills required to logically analyze and understand social phenomena from a multidimensional perspective, a grounding in social studies, including History, and excellent logical thinking skills.
  3. We seek strongly motivated students who will be future leaders in organizations and projects in Japan and overseas, both commercial and non-profit.

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