Entrance Procedures & Fees

Matriculation for Non-Degree Students

It is necessary that accepted applicants complete the payment of the fees due prior to university entrance and submit the necessary forms to the Sophia Admissions Office by the deadline. Students will be informed of the exact amount of the fees and other procedures in the “Entrance Procedures Booklet”, available once their are accepted.

For your reference, the amount of fees due prior to University entrance for 2022 entry was as follows.

Fees due prior to University entrance 2022

  English Track(Liberal Arts) Japanese Intensive Track A (CLER) Note
Program Fee 529,000 yen 265,000 yen per semester
Education Enhancement Fee 105,000 yen 105,000 yen per semester
Total 634,000 yen 370,000 yen per semester

a. The program fee is revised annually based on the rate of inflation. For the latest information on fees, click here.
b. The fees due prior to university entrance are not refundable. However, if you notify Sophia University of your intention not to attend by the appointed deadline, these fees, with the exception of the registration fee and the handling charge (20,000 yen), may be refunded. For details, please refer to the “Entrance Procedures” leaflet.

Status of Residence for International Students

Students coming from abroad to study at Sophia University must have a college student status of residence or other appropriate status of residence such as diplomatic, official, or dependent. A temporary visitor status is not acceptable. To qualify for a college student status of residence, a student is required to register for at least 10 hours of classes per week. Additional information concerning college student status of residence will be sent to each student after acceptance.

Admitted students will need to apply for student visa with Certificate of Eligibility that Sophia University help you to obtain.


Sophia University has several off-campus dormitories and offers affiliated housing options. For more information, see “Housing Information” (*Go to our Web Piloti website).

Request for Withdrawal

The refund policy will be notified in the booklet of entrance prcodure sent out to admitted students.

If you decide to withdraw, please use the form provided below.

Request for Refund of Matriculation Fee
Notification Sheet for Remittance (Domestic)
Notification Sheet for Remittance (Overseas)

*Fill out only the notification sheet which applies to the kind of remittance you used (Domestic or Overseas)

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