International Cooperation Studies (M.A.)


In society today, we are constantly required to deal with global issues that cannot be solved without cooperation among different countries, organizations. International cooperation is indispensable in addressing these issues and in promoting sustainable peace and economic, social and educational development. This program seeks to foster leaders who will work in the front lines of international cooperation, at international organizations, in government or in private companies.
Established in April 2021, the Master’s Program in “International Cooperation Studies” focuses in offering to a selected number of students the opportunity of acquiring a Master’s degree in “International Cooperation Studies”. With an enrollment capacity of 10 students per year, the course allows deepened discussion opportunities, where students can develop their argumentation skills and receive thorough guidance.

Office of Graduate Program In International Cooperation Studies
e-mail: gdicos-co [at] (please change the [at] for an @ mark)

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Admissions Information

Entry Semester:

Spring (April)

Method of Admissions:

<M.A.> Document screening, Essay writing task and Online Interview

Information Session for Applicants:

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Application Schedule for April 2025 Entry

*IMPORTANT: Because of the difficulty in earning a visa before the beginning of classes in April, only people who already have a valid Japanese residence visa may apply to the February exam.

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