Tuition and Scholarships

College tuition and other costs are worries that affect all students, but they can be more affordable than you expect here at Sophia University. Plenty of scholarships and financial aids are also available for those who need assistance.

Tuition for the Faculty of Liberal Arts

Annual Rate of Tuition & Fees – First year (2023)

Entrance Fee
200,000 (once at matriculation)
Tuition Fee
Semester Enrollment Fee
Education Enhancement Fee
Premium for Personal Accident
Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Reserch
2,650 yen (for a 4-year period)
1,400 yen (for a 2-year period)
Total fees for freshman
Total fees for transfer students

-Tuition fee is subject to change every year.
For more details, see “Tuitions and Fees” (*Go to our Web Piloti website).


Various types of scholarships and financial aid are available. There are some scholarships that the applicants can apply for at the time of admission application, before they enter Sophia. Other scholarship applications are accepted after entrance to the University. For more information and the application forms, please refer to “Scholarships” (*Go to our Web Piloti website).

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