Majors and Courses

What you study in the Faculty of Science and Technology

Two English-conducted programs are offered: Green Science, Green Engineering

Class sizes will be kept small so that students can communicate closely with their instructors as they pursue their chosen fields in science and technology, beginning with basics such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and then continuing on to more advanced studies such as Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biotechnology, Clean Energy and Environmental System Analyses. As the campus is also home to liberal arts programs, students have the opportunity to participate in non-science courses that can help develop their cultural background, so that they can pursue environmental issues in a broad perspective.

■Green Science

Green Science program, offered by Department of Materials and Life Sciences, is designed to train the students on the fundamentals of chemistry and biology, and to teach them to apply this knowledge to overcome environmental issues.

■Green Engineering

Green Engineering program, offered by Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is designed for the students to learn electrical and mechanical engineering skills, aiming to help develop energy conservation technology, efficient power generation and distribution and power transmission.

Course Information

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