Fields of Study in SPSF

Seven fields of study offered by six different departments

SPSF offers discipline-based classes where students can enhance their knowledge in their respective fields of study as well as interdisciplinary classes offered with the cooperation of the relevant departments. Cross-listed discipline-based classes will also be open to students who wish to take courses in different departments that relate to their own curricula. Utilizing these classes, the SPSF program will focus on helping students learn perspectives and modes of thinking in both their own areas and different areas in hopes of nurturing a sensitivity to diversity.

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From September 2020

Education, Sociology, Economics
Offered by Department of Education, Department of Sociology and Department of Economics

International Relations & Area Studies
Offered by Department of Global Studies

From September 2021

Offered by Department of Journalism

From September 2022

Offered by Department of Management

Course Information

For details of the curriculum and the course list, refer to “Academics” (*Go to our Web Piloti website).

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