When and How to Apply for a Bachelor’s Program in Liberal Arts

For Applicants for Spring Second Period and Autumn First Period with the IB Predicted Grades from November 2024 Session

If you’re applying with predicted grades of November 2024 session, make sure to request the “Transcript of Results”
to be sent to Sophia University from the IBO in advance so the result reaches Sophia University by Friday, January 10, 2025.
Your application will be screened with the final result and the acceptance will be unconditional. Please see details in the “Application Procedure” booklet.

For Applicants who intend to use the GI Bill to fund their studies

Students entering Sophia University from AY 2024 will not be able to make use of GI Bill benefits to pay for educational expenses.

■Application Schedule

An applicant who has not been accepted in a past application may re-apply for the subsequent application periods.

Method of Admission

Document Screening

Application Procedure

All applicants must read through the Application Procedure booklet.
Click below to download the full application guidelines booklet.
-All applicants must read through the Application Procedure booklet.
-The application portal link is indicated in the Application Procedure booklet.

Note: To access the AY 2024 Application Guidelines, click here .

Application is accepted through the following steps. Make sure to complete each step.

  1. Prepare the required materials (refer to the “Application Procedure”).
  2. Register for the on-line application website (indicated in the booklet above) to create your “My Page.”
    Important information will be sent to the email address you register here until enrollment in Sophia. Please make sure to use an email address you’ll always be able to check even after leaving your current school.
  3. Make sure to include all your application information during the on-line application.
    Registration for application is open only during the online application period for each admission.
  4. Pay the application fee and submit your application online.
  5. Mail the printed application forms and other application materials to Sophia Admissions Office by express traceable shipping service.

Application Documents

Please make sure to read the Application Procedure booklet for the details about application documents or your application might end in a failure.

1. Application Forms

2. Essay (500 words) (use the form provided, no hand writing, typing only)

3. Official Transcripts

4. Certificate of Graduation/ Expected Graduation from High School (only first-year students)
If you need a form, please use the form provided.

5. Standardized Test Scores (SAT/ACT/IB Diploma/GCE A levels)

6. Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL®/IELTS)

7. Two Letters of Recommendation (use the form provided)

8. Photocopy of Passport

9. Application Materials Checklist (use the form provided)


-It’s strongly recommended the letter is in the above format, however, the referee’s original format would also be accepted as far as the letter contains what’s asked in the provided form.
-The WORD format is not available.

IB Predicted Grades Report Form PDF (5.01 KB) / Word(37.50 KB)

GCE Predicted Grades Report Form PDF(4.54 KB) / WORD(20.97 KB)

Certificate of Graduation/Expected Graduation Form PDF (3.93 KB) / Word(34.50 KB)

Application Fee : 35,000 yen

On-line payment handling fee of 990 yen will be charged in addition to the application fee.
Payment should be made by credit card, at a convenience store (inside Japan), via Pay-easy, or via on-line banking during the application period. Payment must be completed by 11:59 p.m. (JST) of each on-line application deadline. After the deadline, application will not be accepted. The application fee is non-refundable once it is paid.

For more information on the program, housing and scholarships, go to our Web Piloti website.

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